DATA DESTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for Hard Drives – Solid State Drives – Magnetic Media

Destroy 100% of data from your end of life storage media – Prevent the risk of careless and costly data breaches

Hard Drive Degaussers

Degauss and destroy 100% of data from end of life hard drives and storage tapes in seconds.

Degaussing onsite ensures 100% of data stored is destroyed and made forensically unrecoverable.

Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Shredders and Destroyers

Equipment for the physical destruction of hard drives, solid state drive and magnetic media.

For low or high volume requirements

Solid State Drive Disintegration

For high level data protection disintegrate end of life Solid State Drives, USB drives, Smart Phones, SD cards and Security Badges down to <2mm



NCI listed products
Degausser - EMP100HS
Solid-State Drive Disintegrator - 2-SSD