DATA DESTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for Hard Drives – Solid State Drives – Magnetic Media

MMD-1000 Electromagnetic Degausser

MMD-1000 Electromagnetic Degausser

MMD-1000 Electromagnetic Degausser

CE Approved

This degausser has an extremely high magnetic field strength. At 1.6 Tesla / 16,000 it rivals those devices used by the government to erase data from magnetic media that contains classified data.

A high resolution LCD touch screen display makes operation simple. It also provides peace-of-mind that data is being properly sanitized because it displays a magnetic field strength indicator after each degauss cycle. Accepts any drive up to 1.05" thick as well as magnetic tapes. A magnetic field strength indicator confirms media has been degaussed at an acceptable level. The 100 Millisecond actual degauss time produces a longer electromagnetic pulse than most commercial grade degaussers. And the total cycle time of less than 10 seconds allow users to degauss high volumes of drives in a short period.

Key Features

  • Accepts any drive up to 1.05" thick as well as magnetic tapes.
  • Ergonomic drawer locks while in operation and opens automatically after degaussing is complete.
  • On-Board "smart logic" diagnostics providing operator safety and immediate functionality feedback.
  • Effectively sanitizes both PMR and LMR Hard Drives and Magnetic Media Technology.
  • Fits on any desk or table.
  • Made in USA.

Technical Specifications

Degauss Time: 1000 milliseconds.
Cycle Time: < 10 seconds continuous.
Magnetic Force Gauss: 16,000 Gauss.
Media Type: Hard Drives and Magnetic Tapes up to 1.05" (2.7 cm) high.
Dimensions: 11.4" x 19" x 23" (29 cm x 48 cm x 58.5 cm).
Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg).
Warranty: 1 Year Factory.