DATA DESTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for Hard Drives – Solid State Drives – Magnetic Media

HDS-5004 Hard Drive Shredder

HDS-5004 Hard Drive Shredder
Feeding Chute
Shredded Waste
Rugged, Durable Cutting Head
Waste Discharge Conveyor

HDS-5004 Hard Drive Shredder

CE Approved

This heavy-duty hard drive shredder is designed for high-volume destruction of rotational / magnetic hard drives. Its slow-speed, high-torque cutting head consists of a series of solid steel saw-tooth hooked cutters that rip drives to un-reconstructible shreds. Standard waste particle is 1.5 x random lengths.

Key Features

  • High-Volume Capability - up to 3500 drives per hour
  • Works with any drive up to 1.65" thick
  • Produces a waste particle of 1.5" x random lengths
  • Smaller particle size of 1.0" or 0.75" are available
  • Integrated waste removal conveyor deposits particles into container of your choice
  • Controls include: Key Lock, Hour Meter and Emergency e-stop.
  • Made In USA

Technical Specifications

Ability: up to 1.65" thick drives
Throughput: up to 3,500 drives/hr
Shred Size: 1.5" wide x random length
Throat Size: 11” X 2.5” Feed Opening
Motor (HP): 20 HP
Voltage: (User Selectable Voltage) 460/ 220 /208 V , 3 Phase
Dimensions: 65” x 66” x 47.25” (Depth w/ discharge conveyor ~ 93”)
Weight: 5000 lbs.
Warranty: 2 YEARS non-Wear Parts/ 90 Day Labor


  • Lexan "See Through" Cover — provides operator visual access to the shredded material as it moves along the discharge conveyor.
  • Metal Shroud — positioned at the end of the Discharge Conveyor and connects to the "see through" conveyor shield for maximum safety. Prevents users from touching the conveyor while in operation.
  • Removable IN-FEED Chute — provides user the ability to remove the feed chute thus reducing the system size to allow it to fit in restricted doorways.
  • Integrated HEPA Filtration System — provides additional odor and dust particulate reduction.
  • Steel Fork-Pockets — welded to the bottom of the system. Allows for system movement via fork truck.
  • Wider "In-Feed" Chute Opening — 2.5" x 11"
  • In-Feed Conveyors — two sizes: 11" and 20" wide.
Product Data Sheet (PDF):