DATA DESTRUCTION EQUIPMENT for Hard Drives – Solid State Drives – Magnetic Media

HDS-1015 Hard Drive and Solid-State Drive Shredder - Single phase power

HDS-1015 Hard Drive and Solid-State Drive Shredder

HDS-1015 Hard Drive and Solid-State Drive Shredder - Single phase power

CE Approved

Designed specifically for enterprise HDD and SSD destruction in data centers, the HDS-1015 COMBO enterprise hard drive shredder combines operator safety, ease-of-use, compact footprint, and mobility with a powerhouse motor and rugged, dual cutting heads to efficiently destroy both SSDs and HDDs.

The HDS-1015 COMBO will shred up to 90 enterprise HDDs per hour or 350 standard HDDs at an end particle size of just 3.8cm wide, and it will shred up to 120 enterprise SSDs or 350 standard SSDs per hour to an end particle size of 1cm.

It is also ideal for shredding optical media and other small electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, printed circuit boards (PCBs), memory sticks, PDAs, and similar electronic data storage devices. This revolutionary device has 55% more torque than other shredders in this class, enabling it to cut through multiple plates and carriers.
Standard units produce an HDD waste particle of 3.8cm x random lengths; however, units can be configured to produce smaller particles of 1.9cm.

Key Features

  • Destroys up to 350 drives/hour
  • Produces a waste particle of 3.8cm x random lengths
  • Smaller 1.9cm particle size available
  • Self-contained unit
  • Sound dampening insulation
  • Controls include key lock, hour meter
  • Meets DIN 66399 Level H-4 standard
  • Optional HEPA air filtration system for maximum dust and odour control as well as operator safety
  • NSA listed
  • Output is dependent upon size and thickness of drives and proper power

Designed with operator ease-of-use and safety in mind, system features include the following:

  • Mailbox style feed opening
  • Electrical limit switches to shut down machine when accessing cutting system or waste removal
  • Easy access waste collection bin
  • Illuminated controls to provide operator awareness of system status

Technical Specifications

Range of devices destroyed: Enterprise or standard HHD’s SSD’s Smart Phones USB’s Mother boards magnetic/optical media
Feed Opening: 13cm x 3.8cm
Motor (HP): 1.5 HP
Power: Single phase 110V/60Hz or 3-phase/208, 230 or 460V/60 Hz. International voltages at 50 or 60Hz available
Waste evacuation: Internal collection bin
Dimensions: (H) 109cm x (W) 137cm x (D) 52cm
Weight: 703 Kilos
Warranty: 1 Year non-wear parts


  • Fork Pockets
  • Replacement Waste Collection Bin
  • 1, 2 & 3 Year Extended Warranties
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Discharge Conveyor
  • HEPA Replacement Filters
  • Carbon Replacement Pre-Filter